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Software is no longer delivered in isolation. The days of a manual compile, build, package and deploy are long gone. This shift from manual to automated processes has brought new practices in the world of software development and delivery, mainly around the following 5 points:

  1. How software is written?
  2. How software projects are structured?
  3. How software is packaged and delivered?
  4. How software is consumed?
  5. How and where software is running?

In essence, the 5 points above define how important PlatformOps role is in today’s world. The role of is to help you learn how to put together simple as well as complex software architectures and deliver these in “one-click”, or “as code” fashion - reliably, any time of the day.

Who should read this document?

Developers, Software and Infrastructure Architects, Infrastructure and Operations Engineers, and DevOps Engineers. In fact anyone wishing to learn what modern software delivery really is all about… and how to do it…